About Boxies Toys

As we all know, there's a vast difference between the way we used to learn as kids and the way our children are learning today.

Technology is part of our children's development, and we as parents need to understand this new reality.

But also, children need to develop physical and emotional skills to have a well-rounded education.

That is why, when I became a mom, I decided to do something, to create something to help my child thrive in this complex new reality, and that is how Boxies was born.

Boxies Toys is an educational company dedicated to creating products that enhance learning for children aged 1-5 by mixing the physical and the digital world. We do this with the interaction of our toys and app that display augmented reality games, recreating beautiful 3d animations inspired by the work of Mexican artisans.

Boxies Team invites you to experience the magic of AR in your children's education and have fun with them while they learn.